Should You Hire Your Own DUI Attorney?

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If you have recently been arrested for DUI, there are several key benefits in hiring an experienced dui attorney houston tx – no matter whether or not you’re guilty or innocent of the charges against you. Even if it’s your first traffic violation, there’s much that can go awry in these kinds of situations. A DUI is defined as “Driving under the influence of alcohol.” This law applies to all drivers, even those who don’t regularly drink. Before a judge can hand down a DUI sentence, a blood, breath, or urine test must be conducted.

Protecting your rights

If you’ve already been arrested, hiring a DUI attorney is a crucial step in protecting your rights. Although this crime is not as common as other DUI charges, it does happen more often than you might think. By hiring a DUI lawyer, you will be better informed about your rights and where to go for information. Hiring a DUI attorney should be done as soon as possible after your arrest. Hiring sooner rather than later will help make sure that you retain the best legal representation.

When hiring a DUI attorney, make sure that you know what to look for in hiring one. Start by asking potential lawyers how many DUI cases he or she has handled. If the lawyer has only handled a few DUI cases, don’t hire him or her right away. You’ll want to meet with several potential lawyers before making a final hiring decision. Your goal should be to get to know your DUI criminal defense lawyer so that you feel comfortable hiring him or her.

When you meet with your potential DUI attorney, ask questions about his or her track record in this area. Get information on the legal fees that will be assessed for your case. DUI attorneys are expected to pursue every option available to ensure that their client’s rights are protected. If you decide to pursue your case yourself, you should also inquire as to the legal fees that will be assessed to you. A DUI attorney’s legal fees are usually a part of his or her fee package.

Handled by a private or public law firm

Another important consideration is whether your DUI case will be handled by a private or public law firm. Public lawyers are typically supported by state-funded defense funds. Because public lawyers have limited resources, they typically perform more limited research and won’t be as familiar with various court processes and local customs. Private lawyers, on the other hand, work for themselves and can devote a great deal of time to your case. This can mean that they won’t be able to devote as much attention to your case as a public lawyer would. However, private lawyers can sometimes offer more personalized services.

If you decide to hire your own DUI attorney, you should keep in mind what services he or she will provide. Hiring a DUI attorney does not mean you don’t need representation. Hiring one may be the most important step of all. A good DUI attorney will help you understand the legal process, assess your chances of successfully defending yourself, and help you understand the penalties associated with your DUI arrest. Hiring a DUI attorney is not only a wise decision, it may be the best decision you can make.