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Hours of Operation
Due to GW’s extension of the virtual learning period, our facility will remain CLOSED until the end of spring semester.
All on-campus events are cancelled. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming virtual events and programming. 

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45 sec. alternating side lunge to knee drive
15 sec. rest
45 sec. push-up to plank jack
15 sec. rest
45 sec. leg lift to reverse crunch
15 sec. rest

(Repeat 5x)

Watch an instructional video on how to complete this workout on our Instagram page. 

Virtual Resource of the Week: LYT Yoga

45 sec. lunges
15 sec. rest
45 sec. side plank hip dips
15 sec. rest
45 sec. push-ups (one leg optional)
15 sec. rest

(Repeat 4x)

Watch an instructional video on how to complete this workout on our Instagram page. 

Virtual Resources of the Week
7 Minute Workout app
Down Dog app

Quarantine Quiz Show

Every Wednesday night in April beginning April 1st at 8pm EST.
Win SWAG from different schools across the country. To play just create a Twitch account and play against students, faculty, and staff from all over the country right from your own couch.

For more info, follow the Twitch Channel: Recwithoutborders


We will be offering four esports tournaments for you to participate in from the comfort of your home! They will be: FIFA 20, NBA 2K20, Madden 20, NHL 20.
To register you must own the system (XBOX or PS4) and enter your team name as your GAMER TAG. Registration closes on April 12 at 11:59pm. Games will begin on April 13. If you have any questions please contact: [email protected].

Intramural Trick shot challenge

Design your own trick shots to participate in our challenge! Video submissions will be accepted between April 15 – April 29. Top videos will recognized the week of May 4.

Creativity is key so use your imagination.

For more information on competition rules and how to submit click here. 

Interactive Activities

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If you are not being challenged, you are doing it wrong.




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