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How Waterloo Gardens Can Help

Healthy LivingWaterloo Gardens is growing fresh wheat grass and sunflower greens in their new greenhouse, and they are harvested daily and may be purchased at the Devon and Exton locations for $14.99 a pound. 

Wheat grass juice is considered by many a complete food. Visit The Wonders of Wheatgrass and see the extensive list of wheat grass juice’s health promoting and disease fighting attributes. It is a stand-alone in the juice world.

Sunflower greens are extremely high in protein and other enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Nothing can compare. 

To support the Raw Living Food Lifestyle, Waterloo Gardens will be carrying:

• Wheat Grass
• Sunflower Greens
• Juicers
• Dehydrators
• Seeds, Nuts, Grains
• Sprouting Aids