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Seasonal Tip

Winter Landscape
December 21, 2009

As we near the fall planting season and you consider which trees and shrubs to add to your garden, keep not only the fall landscape in mind but the upcoming winter as well. By adding plants that have multi-seasonal value, you can turn a drab winter into a wonderland.

Excellent plants are available with color and interest. Their outstanding form plays upon lighting and shadows, takes on an added beauty when draped in a fresh snowfall, comes alive with bold, beautiful texture, and offers breathtaking silhouettes. Plants with winter interest also include those that dot the landscape with brightly colored berries and stems. Many deciduous trees add beauty through their interesting bark, whether it is mottled with color, takes on an interesting peeling look, or by the way it lights up when hit by the sunset.

Winter Berries & Interesting Bark

Kousa Dogwood ‘Milky Way’: Burgundy fall color followed by cherry sized red berries in the winter.

Paper Bark Maple: orange and scarlet fall color; peeling, rich brown and tan bark in the winter.

Sycamore: yellow fall color, dappled white and peach peeling bark.

River Birch: Yellow fall color, striking white trunks and branches.

Twig Dogwoods: Red Twig has outstanding orange through deep red twigs that shout color into the winter landscape. Yellow Twig adds a golden splash to a cold winter day and also produces white berries.

Winterberry Holly: Beautiful deciduous holly that is excellent for a foundation or mass planting. When the leaves fall, it is left with dark brown stems and an abundance of beautiful red berries.

Winter Structure & Form:
Japanese Maple: Brilliant fall colors of orange or scarlet, outstanding branching pattern. Do not forget to include striking selections of trees and shrubs that bear evergreen foliage. Recommendations for eye-catching shapes, textures, and colors are the Hinoki Cypress, Dwarf Cryptomeria, Dwarf Globe Blue Spruce, Gold Mop Cypress, and any one of the ever-beautiful hollies.

Look for places and views that will catch your attention during the winter months. Create spots of beauty and tranquility that enhance your enjoyment from the comfort of your home or when you venture outside.

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