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Seasonal Tip

Winter Container Gardening: Dwarf Alberta Spruce
December 21, 2009

When your mums start to fade and you are preparing to transition your porch design from fall into winter, We recommend containers or planters using Dwarf Alberta Spruce trees.

Dwarf Albertas are miniature, easy-to-care-for, cone-shaped trees that grow very slowly (2 to 4 inches per year). Because of their slow growth, they retain their tight conical shape with little to no pruning. Their dense, fine textured needles remain attractive for years with minimal care. While Dwarf Albertas planted in the landscape can take full sun, container-grown plants need a degree of protection. Protection from weather extremes offered by roof eaves and shelter from drying winds makes these ideal porch plants. A location with protection from strong mid-day sun is also needed.

A great accent to any home is a simple pair of identical Dwarf Albertas in matching containers, placed on either side of the entrance. Dappled with snow and decorated for the holidays with a few white lights and a bow, they create a simple, yet festive way to spread holiday cheer. What’s even better is that these easy-to grow containers transition beautifully from season to season! As winter begins to fade, they will look just as attractive in your spring, summer, and fall porch designs as well!

When planting your trees into their containers, be sure to choose containers that will accommodate their growth through maturity. Once they become established, disturbing their root systems can hinder their overall health and growth. Be sure to choose containers and potting mix with good drainage.

So, if you are convinced that it is time to upgrade your outdoor home decor with attractive, no-fuss-no-muss versatile evergreen containers that will last beautifully for years, the Dwarf Alberta Spruce is the choice for you!

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