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Seasonal Tip

Planning Your Garden and Landscape
December 21, 2009

When spring fever starts to set in over the winter, one great way to quell the gardening itch is to use the remaining winter weeks as a planning period for this year's garden and landscape.

A well-planned garden is easier to care for. Planning now saves time in the long run and results in a more satisfying and productive garden. With your plant selections and preparations determined in advance, you will be ready to get to work when planting time arrives.

Every garden begins with an idea and your own personal creativity. Think about the purpose of your garden: attracting and supporting wildlife, an eye pleasing display of your favorite colors, providing herbs and foods that you can harvest and prepare in your own kitchen: the possibilities are vast. Plants do require specific conditions for optimum growth, so soil, sunlight, water supply and adequate space must also be taken into account.

Garden and seed catalogs have been arriving in mailboxes. Spring editions of gardening and horticultural magazines are beginning to appear in bookstores now.
There are plenty of resources on the internet that can help answer your gardening questions and give inspiration. Now is also a great time to make an appointment with one of the gardening experts at Waterloo Gardens to discuss your ideas and plans in person. A garden is an extension of your home and brings your living space outdoors. By planting a few well thought out combinations in addition to adding garden decoratives to your property, you will not only increase the enjoyment you get from your home but its property value as well.

No matter what your gardening goals are, Waterloo Gardens will get you moving in the right direction. Our "Ask the Expert" program is a complimentary in-store consultation service. To schedule a 30-minute appointment to meet with one of our horticultural sales professionals, call our Exton (610.36.0800) or Devon (610.293.0800) locations.

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