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Seasonal Tip

Not Just a Houseplant
December 21, 2009

In addition to our varied selection of large lush foliage for your own in-home winter getaway, let the Waterloo Gardens greenhouse be your source for cultivating creative flair and living elegance. Our fresh selections of Orchids, Bonsai, and Cactus can bring you to the outdoors of Arizona or the windblown cliffs of Asia. Will you be stuck with 'just a houseplant' this indoor season?

During the fall and winter seasons Waterloo Gardens offers the splendor of the Brazilian Rainforest, with a multitude of exotic flowering Orchids whose spectacular blooms can last from weeks to months.

Whether to promote health and harmony, satisfy the artistic side, or just to fill that small niche with a special living touch of green, our greenhouses stock a generous supply of uniquely trained true and starter bonsai.

From the dime sized 'Living Stone' (Lithops) to the two foot 'Desert Rose' (Aeonium) our greenhouse cactus and succulent selection will be sure to 'prick' even the smallest of interest. Waterloo Gardens handpicks our enormous variety of these tolerant and intriguing succulents, and has knowledgeable staff excited to help you select the perfect match.

This season add renewed interest to your houseplants with these varied selections from our greenhouse.

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