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Seasonal Tip

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day
December 21, 2009

Give the gift that keeps on blooming! In this winter's hustle and bustle a dash of flower color and fragrance in an indoor garden can give creative expression to any small space or blasé décor.

Valentine's Day provides the perfect opportunity to tell that teacher, coworker, elderly friend, or loved one just how special they are. Cut flowers wither and die with age. An indoor garden is a living bouquet that provides months of enjoyment and versatility. No need to throw away your gorgeous gift, containers can be replanted to suit the changing seasons, moods and home décor.

Know someone who loves to cook? With a sunny spot and few recipes, an indoor herb garden may be the key to their heart. Flowering gardens with cyclamen and African violets suit any low-light nook. Primrose clusters and tulip bulb arrangements are vivid indoors, and many garden lovers are anxious to plant them outdoors when the last frost ebbs. You may even find (or design) a garden that peaks the garden specialist's or botanical collector's intrigue. Exotic flowering orchids are often tucked among spring flower arrangements for their natural qualities of elegance and grace.

If you are one of the lucky people who purchase or receive a container garden this season, speak with your container garden expert at Waterloo Gardens about further care and light requirements to ensure long lasting beauty and satisfaction.

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