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Seasonal Tip

Instant Garden Annuals
June 21, 2009

What do you think of when you hear the words "Instant Annuals?" Just add water? Instantaneous color? Perhaps miracle plants? In reality, "Instant Annuals" are none of these… and all of these. They are actually larger pots of beautifully developed garden flowers. Instant annuals are found in pots that are 6" to 10" in size. They are grown to the actual size you would see them had they been in the ground since spring. Because they are larger, their root systems are well developed and can withstand planting at this time of the year.

Just add water: As with all plants, you do need to add water. Sunlight and fertilizer help too.

Instantaneous color: Because of their larger size, they add color to any garden, porch, deck, pool, etc. in an instant.

Miracle plants: After the summer heat, sudden violent winds and downpours, and neglect due to vacations, your outdoor living area can get a totally new and refreshed look by removing the tired plants and popping in the fresh. Because they are a larger size, they blend into the landscape as if they had been there all summer. No one would ever know!
"Summer is almost over, why buy annuals now?" you may be thinking. There are quite a few annuals that will continue to perform beautifully until the first heavy frost! They easily withstand temperatures into the 50's and 40's. These great selections are actually rejuvenated by the cool autumn air.

In addition to sprucing up your garden, these great late season bloomers will keep your containers and window boxes looking spectacular as well. Stop in and speak to one of our expert sales associates about annuals would be suitable for your garden.

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