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Seasonal Tip

The Beloved Poinsettia
December 01, 2009

What shows that the holidays are here more so than the beloved poinsettia! These beautiful plants, native to Mexico, bloom from fall well into the end of January, and some varieties are still going strong into February! Paired up with a decorative pot and some ferns or ivy to add a splash of green, they are ideal holiday decorations for any home, office space, and/or business.

When thinking of the poinsettia, most people envision two types, red or white, with little variation. At Waterloo Gardens we carry over thirty different varieties! From solids including burgundy, red, shades of pink, shades of salmon, white, and plum to selections in multiple colors, we have them all. If you are looking for something even more unique, painted poinsettias are back by popular demand for another season! Whatever your decorating style, there is a color for you: blue, purple, yellow, green, mauve, and even orange.

When buying a poinsettia, look for sturdy stems that will not break easily. The actual poinsettia flower is located in the middle of the colorful bracts. These should be relatively tight to ensure the longest bloom. Make sure that there are no signs of dryness in the leaves or bracts.

Poinsettias should be placed in a bright area of your home. They grow best in temperatures averaging 70 degrees. Placement near heaters, fireplaces, and even on television sets is not ideal. Likewise, they should not be displayed near areas where they will be subject to cold drafts, such as a commonly used doorway. Check your poinsettias for water daily. They should remain evenly moist, never reaching a point of total dryness but never soggy as well.

When buying your poinsettias, be sure to get them home as soon as possible. Very susceptible to cold damage, they should never be left out in a cold vehicle for any length of time.

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