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Seasonal Tip

Personalize Your Garden
July 09, 2010

Little things can make a big difference, especially when it comes to personalizing your garden. Adding a special touch to your landscape is easier than you might think.

Create an entrance into your garden. An arbor serves many purposes in your landscape. It can be a home for a vine, backdrop for plants, frame some garden art, or serve as an inviting entranceway. Arbors are free standing and can instantly change the look and feel of your outdoor living space!

Add comfort. Making a garden your own also means adding comfort – for the body and for the senses. Comfy chairs can be tucked into hidden areas, accompanied by a small table, perfect for summertime refreshments or an evening game of cards. A fountain adds the soothing sound of trickling water, giving tranquility to those who simply wish to relax. Garden lighting, whether through well placed spot lights, tiki torches, lanterns, or even citronella candles adds ambiance and allows you to extend your time in the garden into the evening hours. In addition, chimeneas and portable fire-pits allow you to continue the enjoyment of your garden by providing light, warmth, and comfort well into the cooler evenings of autumn. Add a touch of art. Garden art comes in many forms. Sculptures and statuary have strong visual attraction.

Whimsical containers made from old claw-foot tubs, watering cans, barrels, and wooden crates can add incredible charm, whether bold, playful, or even rustic. Show some character of your own. Collect old tools and pots from garage sales and flea markets and then put them together for a more personalized, original work of art. Gazing balls, wrought iron decoratives, ceramic spheres in bold colors, unique plant stands, sundials, and a multitude of other interesting garden additions add height, texture, focal points and a sense of personal style to your outdoor oasis.

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