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Seasonal Tip

Fall Lawn Care
September 21, 2009

As we head into autumn, it is time to prepare your lawn for the long winter ahead, and get a jump on spring.

Spot kill any weeds that may spring up in your lawn. Liquid weed control concentrate is the most effective. The easiest method is to attach a sprayer to your hose. Following the directions on your bottle of liquid concentrate, add the correct amount of weed control for your size lawn, set the water dial, and you are ready to go. Keep safety in mind and wear waterproof shoes, gloves, and long pants. Do not remove your gloves until you have removed and cleaned your shoes and your pants are headed for the laundry. Your skin will absorb the chemicals and could cause health problems.

Apply a fall fertilizer application. Fall fertilizer contains less nitrogen (for blade growth) and more potassium (for vigorous root growth). Rent and use an aerator to reduce soil compaction and to stimulate root growth as well.

You can still apply grub control to your lawn. Grubs are especially dangerous. They feed upon the roots of your grass, creating dead, brown patches. Yearly lawn treatments are readily available in garden centers. If you prefer to try an organic approach over chemical treatments, use Milky Spore in your yard.

One application will last for the lifetime of your lawn. You will soon mow your lawn for the last time this season. Set your mower blades to cut the grass plants shorter than their summer height. Be sure to regularly rake and compost any leaves that fall upon your lawn as well. Both of these practices help prevent mold and disease that could be present over the cool, damp months to come. It is also beneficial to keep the leaves from blocking the sun’s rays from your grass plants.

A few simple steps this fall will prepare your lawn for the upcoming winter and promote lush, green, healthy plants in the spring.

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