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Seasonal Tip

A Few of Our Favorites
September 21, 2009

Including a variety of later-season plants into your garden is a great way to continue enjoying the flowers and colors of the landscape through the end of summer and into fall. There are a variety of trees and shrubs that add multi-season interest but really come into their peak during this time period. Our favorite picks include:


Caryopteris - This deciduous shrub offers true blue flowers on silvery foliage from August through September. At 2 to 3 feet high and wide, it is great for a smaller garden or the front of a bed/border. What’s more, this little beauty is heat and drought tolerant and deer resistant! For a great fall combination, plant caryopteris with roses and ornamental grasses. The look is spectacular!

Pee Gee Hydrangea - This old fashioned shrub (bordering on tree) grows with a beautifully graceful arching habit. It can be easily grown from full sun to part shade, which is unusual for a hydrangea. The large panicle-shaped flower clusters are made up of very dainty and crisp florets that open as white but fade to soft pink. With an extended blooming period, you will enjoy the flowers from July through September. They are great for fresh bouquets or for drying.

Shade Maples - During the hot summer, there is nothing more beneficial than shade trees. They cool your home and provide relief from the heat and sun. Three great choices are "October Glory" and "Red Sunset" red maples and/or the "Legacy" sugar maple. All are fast growing. In fact, when established, they can achieve up to 4 feet of new growth per year!

In addition to providing excellent shade, they also exhibit breathtaking fall color in your landscape. Both "October Glory" and "Red Sunset" have orange and red fall color while the "Legacy" maple boasts golden yellow to orange hues. One other advantage to this trio is that, while they do not require a wet location, they will all thrive in wet soil conditions.

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