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Squirrel's Foot Fern

Squirrel's Foot Fern

Davallia trichomanoides
Also known as the White Rabbit's Foot Fern

All of the Davallia species can be used as conversation pieces. Small, furry white rhizomes creep over the sides of their pots, resembling a fuzzy squirrel's foot. The foliage is lacy and light. Growing 6-12" in height and 12-18" in spread, these ferns are great for not only potted plants but for hanging baskets as well.

They will thrive in shadier conditions. A north or east window as well as fluorescent lighting is optimal. Allow the Squirrel's Foot Fern to dry in between watering but not to the extreme. Fertilize year-round with slow release fertilizer or use liquid feed at half the recommended rate once per month.