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Weddings and Rentals

The East Texas Arboretum offers an ever-changing and beautiful backdrop for a photography shoot or wedding. Both must be scheduled with the Arboretum Director to ensure a successful and memorable occasion.

Funds to operate and enhance the Arboretum come from Annual Memberships, Generous Donations, Rentals and Special Events such as the Spring Gala, Fall Festival and other events. (Events Listing)

Please note the FAQ and Photography Policy below.  These rules help ensure the success of each wedding and/or photography shoot making for a memorable experience by all.

Covered Pavilion

Frenquently  Asked  Questions:

Q. What is the rental fee for use of the facilities for a wedding and reception? In addition, what does it include?

A. $1,400.00 This includes access the night before starting at 5 pm for advance set up and or rehearsal.

Up to 200 white garden chairs, 10 tables, 2 serving tables and 12 table cloths.

Q. Where do the outdoor ceremonies usually take place?

A. Brides Choice: Several lovely spots to choose from. There is a beautiful area by the pond with slight slope, the porch of the Wofford House, under the Pavilion and beside the Key Garden.

Q. Do you have an area for the bride and groom to dress?

A. Yes!

Q. Can we bring in our own caterer or do we have to choose one from your preferred list?

A. You may bring in your own catering service.

Q. How late may our event go?

A. We prefer that your event end by 11:30 pm

Q. What is the seating capacity for inside the Woman's Building?

A. With tables, (8 chairs per table), we suggest not seating more than 88 inside.

Q. Can we utilize the deck area?

A. Yes

Q. Is there access to electricity at the Wofford House and in the Pavilion?

A. Yes

Q. Can we have a band?

A. Yes

Q. What is required to hold the date?

A.  $200.00 down payment, this is non refundable, but does apply toward your balance.

Q. Do you have other plans for weekday or Sunday afternoons?

A. Yes

Q. Do you offer a plan for a vows only or a small occasion?

A. Yes. Discuss your plans with the director! (903-675-5630 or info@eastexasarboretum.org)

Rental Rates:

The Arboretum rents the Women's Building upper level and the lower level room for smaller events.

We also rent the pavilion and the smaller covered pavilion at the play garden area for birthday parties. 

Rates for the Womens Building Only: Weekends $350.  Weekdays $225.

Lower Level $75. during normal business hours. After hours $100.
Pavilion only $250.
Childrens Garden Pavilion $35. for two hours.
Upper level womans builing has a kitchen and two restrooms , 11 round 60 inch tables with 8 chairs at each table.  Can Seat 88.

Operating Funds which keep the Arboretum open and everything growing come from:


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