Aboretum Trail Photos

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Hiking the Arboretum Nature Trails

Explore the Arboretum's two miles of hiking trails and discover the flora and fauna of north east Texas. Seating areas are located along the trail network to provide you with a place to sit for a rest or to just take a few moments to observe and appreciate the natural beauty around you.

Enjoy the photos of the Arboretum's Natual Trails Area.

If you take any photos on the Trails that you want to share, send them along to the Volunteer WebGuy at webmaster@eastexasarboretum.org and share your Arboretum Obeservations and comments with us - info@eastexasarboretum.org. Tell us about the animals, birds and plants you spotted on your hike exploring the Arboretum trails and wooded area.

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Heading for the Trail Head

Late March with green grass and trees leafing out.

Trail Head, entering from the east.

Approaching First Bridge, Cravey's Crossing over Willow Branch (Creek).

Dog Woods in Bloom (usually March)

Come in March and see the Dog Woods along the Arboretum Trails.



Arboretum Dog Woods (March)

With a sign even those who have never seen a Dog Wood Tree before can identify it. In March the Dog Woods are generally covered with their trademark white blossoms.

Signage is located along the Arboretum Trails to help you identify plants and items of interest.



The Trails take you through the Arboretum's Wooded Area. Signage along the train identifies many of the plant species.

Jan. 31, Vandals Tourch Arboretum areas.

Taken two months after vandals burned portions of the Arboretum's Wooded area.

Read the article in the Athens Review "Arboretum Trails Torched: Series of fires, apparently deliberately set, cause extensive damage Saturday"

Rich Flowers, The Athens Review, January 31, 2011

"ATHENS — Walking trails at the East Texas Arboretum sustained extensive damage Saturday afternoon from a series of fires that appear to have been deliberately set....."


Hiking Trail from the West

Entering the Hiking Trails from the West side.

Two Doug Bridge, honoring the bridge builders.

Across the bridge and the trail takes you into the woods on a journey into the natural world of the East Texas Arboretum.

Looking South off Two Doug Bridge.

Creek which runs under Two Doug Bridge.

Signage along the Trail.

Hiking the Arboretum Trail in late March.

The Abroretum Bog Area

Approaching the Bog Area.

The observation deck provides a high close up look over the Arboretum Bog Area.  Sit and take a rest and just watch for a while.  

The Arboretum Bog Garden

The Garden Birdie recommends that you wear comfortable footwear on your Arboretum Trail Trek.  Sections of the trail are a bit rugged.  If you bring along a container of liquid refreshment, please dispose of the container properly.  Binoculars are a nice aid to get an upclose look at the many birds and animals that live in the Arboretum. Some of the birds are elusive, others perch high in the trees.  Enjoy your hike on the Arboretum Trails.



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