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Our Pets

Miniature Horses
Chester and Lethal Weapon have become a cherished part of the Waterloo Gardens family. These miniature horses bring a smile to those that enjoy visiting with them. Chester and Lethal Weapon are very excited about their new home that was built for them in 2008.

The next time you are at Waterloo Gardens in Exton be sure to pay a visit to Chester and Lethal Weapon.

Minature Horses
Feline Family Feline Family
While you are shopping at our Exton location you may see a few cats wandering around. These cats have claimed Waterloo Gardens as their home. They help with pest control and in return they are cared for with food, water, shelter, and affection.

Teka says 'Hello' to a New Home
After being a part of Waterloo Gardens since 1993, our beloved blue and gold macaw Teka has left our Exton greenhouse to join a family of his very own.

Teka was adopted into the family of Roxanne and Dave. Roxanne is a former member of our greenhouse crew and had bonded with Teka from the very first time they met.

While we will miss him dearly, it is more important to us that he have the consistent love and attention that he so rightly deserves. (Nov. 16, 2010)

Blue and Gold Macaw