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How to choose a cream separator

The household separator for dairy products will allow you to get butter and cream at home. The length of service life and hygiene of the separation process depends not only on the observance of the operating rules of the device, but also on the correct choice.

1) Before you buy a separator, determine, given the number of milk yields in the holding, what productivity you will need. Most of the machines on the market are able to process fifty or eighty liters of milk per hour. As a rule, for an economy with no more than three cows, simple separators are purchased. Owners of large farms will need more productive units.

2) Separators for milk are divided into two types: manual and electric. The indisputable advantage of a manual separator is work without the use of electricity with the same degree of purification of milk from fat as an electrical analogue. The latter, in turn, does not require the application of physical effort. However, the motor of such a device, sensitive to voltage fluctuations in the network, can fail. The performance of manual and electrical devices from each other does not differ much. They, equally spinning bowls, perform up to ten thousand revolutions per minute.

3) When choosing a manual separator, note which material it is made of. It is believed that the device made of metal is stronger, but with proper handling, the separator, made of high-quality plastic, will serve no less. In addition, a metal separator of a manual type may not be very convenient.

4) Another important parameter is the size of the bowl. Most models have a capacity of five and a half liters. If we consider that the capacity of the cream separator is eighty liters per hour, it becomes clear that the milk will need to be poured every four minutes. That is why machines with a bowl capacity of twelve liters are preferable. Buy cream separator you can in the online store.

5) When choosing an electric separator, pay special attention to the motor. It must be reliable, durable and resistant to voltage fluctuations in the network. It is desirable that the device is equipped with a special protection system.