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Heather's Helpful Hint

Decorating with Fresh Evergreens and Garland
November 25, 2009

I want to thank all of our loyal customers who have chosen to spend your time and resources at Waterloo Gardens this year. You are valuable to us in so many ways and during this holiday of gratitude, we wish you and your families a very Happy Thanksgiving!

You are probably already thinking of decorating for the Christmas season and some of you, no doubt, have begun. We get so many questions about how long fresh greens last once you have decorated. Let's start with outdoor items. With the weather getting cooler, you can expect your evergreen wreaths and garlands to last easily through Christmas and New Year's unless they are placed in very sunny and warm areas. For example, between your front door and storm door where you have a greenhouse effect, or if your front entrance is exposed to intense sunlight most of the day.

Indoors is more tricky because of the heat. Unless you plan on keeping your temperature set to under 50 degrees, it is wise to place fresh greens inside within two weeks of Christmas Day. Be especially careful of fresh greens on your fireplace mantel or a wreath above the fireplace as the heat will dry out your product very rapidly.

We are stocking fresh product early this week so that you will have everything you need for outdoor decorating come this weekend. Remember that we can create decorated product in almost any style and color you desire so place your order early and enjoy this wonderful time of the year.

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