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Heather's Helpful Hint

How to Have a Successful Rose Garden
May 13, 2010

When you come in this weekend, a nice selection of roses will greet you in our Nursery/Perennial yards. Many beautiful blooms in an array of colors adorn plants of varying sizes and shapes. None are quite as easy to grow as the Knock out varieties, but many are well worth the extra care it takes for unusual colors and flower size.

Often it takes another plant to help show off the beauty of roses. Something with structure, like boxwood, sets off the graceful form of a rose. Perennial lavender or salvia in shades of deep purple to soft blue combine well in your rose beds, and colorful annuals add interest when a cut back rose is pushing its new foliage, which will in turn set new buds and flower.

Nothing is more important for a successful rose garden than feeding your plants. Products formulated for fertilizing roses are best as they contain ingredients needed for healthy roots, foliage, and flower production. Amending your soil when planting will ensure success, and as always experts are on-hand to assist you with the selection of your roses and companion plants.

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