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Heather's Helpful Hint

How to Force Forsythia
April 03, 2010

Are you getting impatient waiting for winter to end? Do you need an early taste of spring? Consider forcing forsythia. It is an easy process and early March is the ideal time.

1. With pruners in hand on a day above freezing, cut three foot lengths of forsythia branches and bring them inside.
2. Place the stems in a bucket of warm water.
3. Cut another inch or so off the bottoms of the stems while they are submerged. This will help them take in the water.
4. Leave the branches soaking in the water for at least a few hours.
5. Change the water and add floral preservative when you refill.
6. The forcing process can be sped up by placing the container of branches in a sunny spot.

If you don’t happen to have forsythia of your own and can’t find a source, consider planting at least one this spring or use another tree or shrub to force inside like pussywillow, quince, or crabapple.

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