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Heather's Helpful Hint

Managing Winter Injury to Trees and Shrubs
February 25, 2010

Heavy amounts of snow and ice on the branches of trees and shrubs may cause considerable damage. "No kidding" some of you are thinking. But we were caught somewhat unaware these last few weeks as the snow came fast and furiously weighing down branches on even the sturdiest of evergreens.

Multi-stemmed evergreens such as juniper, arborvitae, yew and boxwood are susceptible to branch bending and breaking caused by heavy snow and ice or careless snow removal. Snow collected on shrubs should be removed by gently shaking or carefully removing with a broom. Always sweep upward with the broom to lift the snow off. Wait for a milder day if the branches are frozen or brittle to avoid further damage to your tree or shrub.

Damaged shrubs may need to be pruned in the spring to restore their attractive, natural shape and some should be tied as soon as you are able so that they will return to the proper shape before permanent damage occurs.

Attempting to remove ice can cause more harm than good.

Please call our Nursery or come into the store for additional help. Like all of you, we can’t wait for spring!

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