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Heather's Helpful Hint

Planning Your Landscape Plantings
April 22, 2010

The weather in April has been almost perfect and we are enjoying reconnecting with many of our regular customers, in addition to a lot of new faces this year. Some of you experienced quite a bit of winter damage due to the heavy snow and are replacing some sizable trees and shrubs.

We have a great selection of plants this year and because of warm temperatures early this month, we brought in a broad selection of product earlier than usual.

As you plan your landscaping projects, remember that it is important to begin with selecting trees before you launch into planting smaller shrubs. Trees create the structure in your landscape. Frequently they are referred to as the 'bones' of the garden. A good selection of shade and flowering trees as well as evergreens is the right way to begin a landscape sure to add lasting value to your home.

We have a great selection of trees, including many varieties that you are not likely to see in the yard next door. Stop in and talk to one of the experts in the Nursery who will help you choose a perfect tree for your garden.

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