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Heather's Helpful Hint

Keep Your Annuals Blooming
August 18, 2011

The rainy weather of the last few days has been wonderful. Gardeners like me and so many of you have a new lease on life!

This week is the perfect time to extend the life and bloom of your annuals. For many plants including geraniums, petunias, and million bells, the bloom can last well into fall. Lantana, salvia, and verbena are others that will continuing flowering with the proper care right now.

First of all, clean up all your annuals with a good cut back. Deadheading alone may not produce the optimal results, so don't be afraid to sacrifice a few buds in the short term for many more blooms in a week or two. Also, feed your annuals well one more time with a bloom boosting fertilizer. The new foliage and flower growth that appears shortly will be worth all the effort of this week.

You can expect color through September and into October. Check with our experts in the Greenhouse for other recommendations on extending annual color. While you are here, enjoy the selection of house plants which bring the beauty of the outdoors inside as we approach the cooler temperatures. 

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