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Heather's Helpful Hint

Providing A Clean Water Source for the Birds
August 04, 2011

So many things are affected by the extreme heat and lack of regular rain, including the birds. It is definitely important to keep water features clean and filled, especially now. Birds can find food easier than they can locate a source for fresh water during a drought. If you do not have a bird bath, it is well worth the investment. In their resourcefulness, birds will begin to munch on moisture filled vegetables like tomatoes if need be. We have experienced that in our own gardens.
It is a good idea also to keep seed feeders topped off so that when grass and plant seeds are less plentiful because of  the dry conditions, your birds will find an easy feast. If you have hummingbird feeders monitor them closely for problems with mold, which develops quickly in the sugar water solution when temperatures are consistently over ninety degrees. Mold is detrimental to hummingbirds but keeping the nectar feeders clean and filled is still very important.
For more information on birds consult an expert in our garden department, and be sure to come in and see the outstanding selection of houses, feeders, and food available right now to care for your feathered friends.

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