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Heather's Helpful Hint

Water-Wise Gardening
July 21, 2011

We never seem to be prepared for this summer heat even though it is typical weather this time of year. Perhaps it is the right time to think about water-wise gardening. 

Choosing the right plants is most important. Finding plants that do not require much water once they are established can save you time and money. Also grouping plants with similar water and sun requirements is essential. For instance, lavender thrives in full sun and sandy soil but planting a perennial with high water needs next to it defeats the purpose. One or both plants will suffer.

So think of your garden in sections and be sure your plantings are compatible according to their various light and water needs. Be careful to site shade loving plants in morning sun only and out of the afternoon sun where more water will be needed for the plants to survive.

Retain soil moisture by applying an organic mulch. The mulch will add nutrients to your soil and suppress weeds while keeping water from evaporating quickly.

Inevitably you will have to water some of your plantings in this kind of weather. Choose wisely. Lawns will come back once regular rain returns but newly planted trees, shrubs, and perennials will fail without adequate moisture. 

Waterloo Gardens can help you with any questions about your watering needs and with the tools required to keep your landscape looking great even in the heat!

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