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Heather's Helpful Hint

The Beauty of Hydrangeas
June 09, 2011

June is the month that many hydrangeas are coming into bloom and right now you will see a great show of color in our nursery because of the gorgeous blossoms they produce! There is truly a hydrangea for everyone.

Waterloo Gardens carries hydrangeas for sun, part sun, and part shade. Some grow very large and some are compact growers. The color selection varies and many varieties bloom on new and old growth, giving all summer enjoyment. It seems as if there are new selections each year, which keep us coming back for more.

Some hydrangeas are a little tricky when it comes to pruning and there are always questions about manipulating their color (acid soil for blue, sweet soil for pink), but our experts can address your concerns and help you choose the right plant for your particular spot. Come in soon for the best selection of one of the most beautiful plants for your landscape!

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