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Heather's Helpful Hint

Waterloo Designed Basket Gardens
April 14, 2011

A tisket, a tasket, where's my Waterloo-designed basket?

Spring has finally sprung and at Waterloo Gardens, baskets are arriving for our container experts to fill with spring bulbs like lilac hyacinths, Tete-a-tete daffodils and everyone's all-time favorite, tulips!

The fun thing about springtime gardens is, you just can't go wrong. Who ever worried about mixing pink tulips, blue grape hyacinths, and yellow daffodils? Not us! Putting them all together in a big basket with some variegated ivy or lush green mosses along with a cool temperature, Martha Washington geranium with its painted petals makes a striking arrangement in anyone's home.

The best part is, our baskets are an impressive size and look like you already started your spring garden indoors or out. Put our spring basket at an entrance way to greet your guests and hear all the compliments! Or better yet, give it as a gift!

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