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Heather's Helpful Hint

Winter Houseplant Care
February 24, 2011

Have you taken a few moments lately to look closely at your houseplants. Winter can be as troublesome for indoor plants as it is for your outdoor gardens. Lack of sunlight and colder temperatures, which result in dryer inside conditions, and shorter days can cause serious problems for houseplants. 

Many houseplants grow naturally in the tropics and during the winter months our indoor conditions are far from the environment in which they thrive. Now is the time to give them a little extra care as we quickly head back into spring and summer when they are most happy. 

If you have not regularly kept up with cleaning the foliage, put them in your sink to wash them using a gentle but steady spray of tepid water. If you have large foliage plants, you can do this in the shower. Repot if necessary using new soil, and water in well. Holding back on the fertilizer during winter months is a good idea but now that the days are lengthening, begin to fertilize regularly with an all purpose houseplant fertilizer or a plant-specific food like orchid food or African violet food. 

We have a great selection of houseplants at Waterloo Gardens if you need to replace a few lost plants or add to your selection, and a decorative pot can be just what you need to add interest and color. Come and see us soon and talk to one of our Greenhouse experts to help you select and care for one of our beautiful indoor plants!

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