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How to Take Care of Your Valentine Plants
February 10, 2011

Hopefully you will be the happy recipient of either a Valentine's Day orchid or a beautiful Valentine's Day indoor container garden. The colors and combinations are vibrant and last much longer than the usual seven day lifespan of cut flowers.

A frequently asked question for both items is "Now that I have my orchid/garden...what do I do?"

Here are a few easy steps to follow in order to keep them looking their best.

Valentine's Orchid:

  • Water your orchid with tepid water from the sink. Allow the water to run through the pot for about 60 seconds. Be sure that the orchid has completely drained before returning it to its decorative pot.

  • If your orchid is potted in bark, generally water about once per week.

  • If your orchid is potted in moss, water when the top of the moss feels dry.

  • While in bloom, orchids can be enjoyed through out your home. The most general lighting condition for your orchid is bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sun to be sure that the leaves are not burned.

  • Keep your orchid in temperatures that are between 60 and 80 degrees. Be aware, however, that the warmer and drier your home may be will affect how often you will need to water.

  • Fertilize weekly with a weak solution of orchid food. Flush out the roots once per month with plain water.

  • Provide humidity to your plant by using a humidity tray or a saucer of pebbles filled with water. Just be sure that the pot does not sit in the water, causing the roots to rot.

Indoor Valentine's Container Garden:

  • These gardens are created without drainage; therefore, you must check the wetness of the soil before watering. Either with your finger or a wooden stick, check the moisture level of the lower soil layer as well.

  • If your garden contains an orchid, this will have to be removed and watered as mentioned above. The orchid will not actually be planted in the soil, rather the orchid's pot is nestled into the arrangement.

  • Fertilize with general plant food once per month in the spring and summer.

  • Allow your plants to receive 6 hours of bright, indirect light each day.

  • Trim or pinch plants as needed. Remove spent flower blooms as well.

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