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Heather's Helpful Hint

Hardy Container Gardens
November 11, 2010

This is an ideal time to create an interesting and welcoming entrance to your home with containers of hardy plants.

Conifers are an ideal plant for year long interest and  a perfect selection for winter containers. The colors vary from soft blues, deep greens, or vibrant golds and can be combined for added interest with different heights and forms. Spruces, pines, and junipers are among the most hardy needle leaf evergreens for container use.

There are some deciduous plants which work well because of the architectural interest they provide or the color of their branches. Japanese Maple and Red Twig Dogwood are examples of winter hardy plants which can be utilized along with Winterberry Holly with its stunning persistent red berries.

To fill out your container use hardy groundcovers or evergreen perennials such as pachysandra, liriope, vinca, sedum, heuchera, and ferns. Pansies, cabbage, and kale are ideal as well as some herbs which keep their foliage. Low growing grass like plants such as carex and sedges add beautiful color and texture.

For the best success choose plants which are hardy to Zone 5 and select a large enough container to provide the soil and mulch needed around your plants for protection. While the rain is usually more regular in the fall, watering is a must when rainfall is sporadic so check the moisture at least once a week to keep your plants from drying out.

We have an outstanding selection of hardy plants and the expert advice you need to create a beautiful container that will last all fall and winter long. For the best selection, come in soon. The weather is perfect for this project!

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