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Heather's Helpful Hint

Decorate Your Outdoors For Fall
October 21, 2010

Decorating your yard for fall is full of possibilities!

Ornamental pumpkins and gourds make decorating fun, with many uses including luminaries, painted faces, or a wreath for the door. You never know exactly what shapes you will find and if you like something other than the traditional orange, you will find gourds in unexpected colors of green, yellow, white and even black.

Select your pumpkins and gourds early for the best size and selection of colors.

Make sure they have a stem. Pumpkins and gourds with stems are easier to handle and they won't rot as quickly.

Clean with mild soap and water with a small amount of bleach. That will kill any germs which can also cause your pumpkins or gourds to rot quickly.

Move your pumpkins to a protected area or cover with a sheet or blanket in the case of heavy frosts which cause them to become mushy.

Combine colorful mums, cornstalks, and hay bales with your fall pumpkins and gourds for the quintessential seasonal fall look around your home and garden.

We have it all here at Waterloo Gardens!

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