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Heather's Helpful Hint

Add Interest With Cabbage & Kale
October 07, 2010

Ornamental cabbage and kale make a beautiful display in the fall and winter landscape. The leaves of cabbage and kale can be smooth, ruffled, or deeply cut. They start out bluish green in color and turn magenta or white as the temperatures drop.

In fact cold weather has a profound effect on the color of these plants in that they become more and more interesting as the wintry weather approaches and everything else, including mums, has deteriorated. 

Plant cabbage and kale in full sun for the best color. They can be planted close together as they will not increase much in size. They are also a great addition to a fall container when combined with mums, pansies, and ornamental grass. 

We have a great selection of plants for fall interest so come in this week for all you need to make your outdoor landscape look new and exciting. 

Get ready for the fall holidays and don't forget to visit our amazing gift department for beautiful indoor décor!

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