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Heather's Helpful Hint

Fanatical About Ferns
September 23, 2010

If you are looking for easy to grow, beautiful houseplants to add to your home or office, ferns are definitely among your top choices. In addition to being easy to grow, their unique foliage and coloring bring a surge of green vitality to any place where you want a tropical touch.

Ferns require low to moderate light so a north or east facing room - which can be a little more difficult to fill - are ideal for these plants. In addition, offices lit by fluorescent lights are usually bright enough for ferns.

Ferns thrive when watered lightly but frequently. Check them twice weekly to see that the soil is moist. Looking for a great plant to place in a bathroom or kitchen? Ferns are a natural choice since they love humidity. Keep the feeding light - twice monthly in spring and summer and once monthly to every 6 weeks in fall and winter.

Waterloo Gardens has an excellent selection of tropical ferns year-round and hardy outdoor ferns during spring and summer months. Not only do we carry well known species but you will also find more unusual and unique varieties such as the crocodile fern, dragon tail fern, and upside-down fern, to name a few. We are the tri-state area's best source for ferns, both conventional and unusual.

Stop in to see our current selection and find the ferns that will best suit your taste and your living or office space.

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