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Heather's Helpful Hint

Fall Lawn Care
September 09, 2010

We are beginning to believe that the heat is coming to an end, a little more slowly than we hoped for but nonetheless a great relief.

The weather has been difficult for all things green and our lawns are no exception. The weather conditions in the fall are great for revitalizing your landscape, so begin planning now for repairing bare spots and over-seeding your lawn.

Strengthen your lawn this fall by applying both lime and fertilizer. Lime helps to neutralize the pH of your soil which creates a favorable environment for grass to thrive, and fertilizing replaces key nutrients in the soil which helps grass develop a strong root system for winter survival.

Be prepared to remove falling leaves from your lawn promptly as leftover leaves can suffocate your lawn, preventing it from getting the sunlight and oxygen it needs to thrive.

Any questions? Call us or stop by and enjoy this fall season!

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