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Heather's Helpful Hint

Chrysanthemums are 'Photoperiodic'
August 26, 2010

It seems as if summer is coming to an end. Even though the official date is not for another three and a half weeks, the start of school signals the launch into the fall. After all the heat this season many of us are ready for the change and so many of our customers are looking for hardy mums to liven up their landscape. 

Be patient! Chrysanthemums are 'photoperiodic' which simply means that they bloom in response to shorter days and longer nights which bring cooler temperatures.

Last year we saw early blooming because of the cool damp weather, and this year the blossoms are delayed because of excessive heat and little rain. Consequently unless they have been forced you will see flowers appearing a little later. We do have mums in stock but if you are like me and just have see the color to purchase exactly what you are looking for give it a little more time. Shorter cooler days are on their way!

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