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Grace in the Garden: Ornamental Grasses
July 27, 2010

Ornamental grasses are becoming more popular every year and gardeners are trying to think of ways to integrate these graceful plants into their landscape. This is a great time to purchase and plant an ornamental grass because they have put on enough size for you to see how they look close to their yearly maturity and there is plenty of time for your grasses to get established before the fall and winter.

Grasses come in many sizes from small mounds of blue fescue to six foot high and more miscanthus. Many ornamental grasses require full sun but there are others that tolerate shadier conditions.

While grasses can stand alone or in groups of the same variety in your garden, their beauty is often enhanced by a companion shrub, perennial, or a colorful annual. Late summer perennials such as coneflowers and black-eyed Susan combine beautifully as do needle leaf evergreens which will bring color in the winter landscape.

Please stop by for a look at our wide selection of ornamental grasses and ask one of our experts to help you choose the perfect companion for added interest in your garden.

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