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Waterloo Gardens is currently planning special events and inspiring ideas that celebrate your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Zelinda LeBoutillier, CEO of Waterloo Gardens has expanded the company in a new direction. After attending a six week course at Hippocrates Health Institute, she is now a graduate of The Certified Health Educator Program. Her trademark name is "Zelinda, The Raw Living Food Chef."

Waterloo Gardens will become known as the place to buy all that you need to live a healthful, pain-free life. By adhering to the principles of eating raw nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits you can lose weight, prevent many diseases, have higher energy, and look and feel younger.

Twenty-five years ago Zelinda had a cooking school at Waterloo Gardens where she taught and had many other local teachers as well as chefs from around the world. Five years ago she reopened The Cooking School and taught the Standard American Diet recipes. She will be using her food teaching skills now to promote the raw food lifestyle that has brought her pain-free living.

Classes on Gourmet Raw Food Prep will take place in Zelinda's kitchen and the Gourmet Raw Food Luncheons and Dinners will be served at her home on the Exton premises. In the greenhouses, we will be growing sunflower greens, other greens, and wheatgrass which will be sold at Waterloo Gardens in Exton and Devon. Also available will be food preparation books, dehydrators, juicers, and other items to ensure your success. 

We will have exciting menus, activities, and other events to introduce you to this vibrant new lifestyle which is rapidly gaining in popularity. At 76 years of age, "Zelinda, The Raw Living Food Chef" is embracing this whole new career. She invites you to join her on this journey.

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Healthy Eating: Zelinda, the Raw Living Food Chef, hosts live food demonstrations
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Healthy Gardens: Nutritious wheatgrass grown in our newly renovated greenhouses