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Cedar is an ideal material

In recent years, a growing number of urban residents tends to relax from the daily routine in the open air. To do this, bought villas, houses or just land on which you can then fulfill his dream and build something extraordinary.

It is becoming increasingly popular wooden houses, and it is not surprising, because they are extremely comfortable and beautiful. And among them are the undisputed leader - a house of cedar. And for that, there is good reason.

Siberian stone pine, cedar or pine - is a true aristocrat among trees. Cedar does not grow in the contaminated districts, it advantages of wooden houses from cedar will survive only where a clean environment. Cedar pine fills the air volatile production allocated to such an extent that the amount of harmful bacteria is lower than the room during surgery. The wood of this tree has a pleasant aroma, unique shade in pink and red colors, and does not crack when dry.

If we dig a little history, we can find some interesting facts about the cedar. Siberians do the dishes in the old cedar and believed that the products were not just kept for longer, becoming more tasty, but also acquire a miraculous power. Sumerian people worshiped cedar, considering it as a link between the earth and the cosmos. And King Solomon agreed to pay 20 cities for the chance to build his palace and the temple in Jerusalem from pine logs.

Advantages of wooden houses from cedar.

Wooden houses from cedar stand out among the rest, not only the external grandeur and beauty. In a house in the summer heat does not penetrate, and in the winter - cold. Inside cedar log home it is always easy to breathe, improves overall health and mood, and will not start midges and moths. We prove that the inhabitants of the house of cedar easier to adapt to changes in the environment, and less likely to suffer from insomnia more stress resistance.

For use in a cedar log cabins it becomes suitable only after reaching a certain age. Logs of cedar moisture resistant and durable, resistant to any adverse effects because of this house is guaranteed to last for 100 years. Cedar plywood is amenable to treatment, but at the same time it can be compared to the strength of steel.

Cedar - an expensive building material, and it can afford not all. Today the house of cedar is a measure of prosperity to its owner. Fragrant and comfortable home will become like hearth and home for the hosts, as well as a kind of indicator of social status to others.

You have decided to build a house of cedar, we will help you with this. Select a project and most convenient place to build your site. Our specialists are ready to share their years of experience and quality to perform the entire volume of construction works related to the construction of your dream home.