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1. Plant your garlic cloves for next year's harvest.

2. Add ornamental cabbage and kale to your landscape.

8. Use pumpkins, corn stalks, straw bales, and flags to decorate for fall. 

12. Add ornamental peppers and grasses into containers to add fall color.

16. Prepare your outdoor furniture for winter storage. Clean & inspect wrought iron and touch-up if necessary. Clean, inspect, and cover all stone tables, benches, and aluminum furniture.

23. Check flashlights. You may need them for trick-or-treating!

25. Are you stocked with Halloween candy? 

Tips for October

» Begin your halloween decorating.

» Get a new doormat to protect your home.

» Gardens should be mulched to keep them safe during the winter months. 

» Water your houseplants slightly less this month and only fertilize once because they slow down during the winter months.

» Bring in tropical plants before the first frost.