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1. August is a great month to clean and preserve teak furniture.

2. Fading hydrangea blossoms can be preserved. Check our website for further instructions.

6. You should still be feeding your annual plants to continue their blooming for the remainder of the summer. Clean them up now for a great show through September.

11. It is not too early to start planning for your fall projects. If you lost any trees in the storms this year, fall will be perfect for planting.

14. Check your landscape every week for any disease or insect problems and treat immediately when problems arise.

19. School is just around the corner. We have great product from Vera Bradley for a 'back to school' treat.

31. Now is the time to buy covers for your patio furniture.

Tips for August

» Continue to dead head (remove dead flowers) your annuals to encourage continued blooming.

» Fertilize your container gardens and hanging baskets regularly with a bloom booster fertilizer.

» Combat leggy annuals by cutting them back by one half their height; then fertilize them with a liquid bloom booster fertilizer.

» Feed your houseplants every two weeks.  Use plain water in between to remove any unused fertilizer from the potting soil before feeding again.