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1. Now is the time to buy covers for your outdoor furniture.

4. Begin your fall vegetable garden planting.

8. Plant grass seed for a full lawn in the spring.

11. Mulch plant beds and new plantings.

12. Grandparents Day! Give them a giftcard to show them how much you care.

14. Plant spring-blooming bulbs.

18. Exchange planter box and container plants with frost tolerant florist mums and ornamental peppers. 

22. First day of autumn 

23. Time to plant fall pansies for autumn and winter color.

25. Bring houseplants back indoors for the season.

Tips for September

» Evaluate your garden and take notes for next year's plan.

» Move houseplants to a lower light area for proper light acclimation from outdoor to indoor. Rule of thumb - If your plant receives a full day of sun, transfer it to an area where it receives sun half of the day.

» Apply a systemic insecticide to outdoor houseplants that will be coming back inside.

» Replace potting soil with new soil before bringing indoors.

» Refresh your home with fall decorations and fill the air with fall fragrance.