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Basic styles of garden decoration

The main element of decoration in all styles are flower beds. Based on the above directions, the designers distinguish the following styles of garden design: modern, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Japanese styles, romantic Italian style, Russian rural style.

The peculiarity of the design of the French garden is the so-called "solemn morality", where all the paths are parallel or perpendicular, and the trees form symmetrical groups. In this style, plants such as spruce, barberry, maple, thuja, ornamental plums and apple trees are used most often.

English garden is characterized by smooth lines and natural landscape. The paths are laid out twisty, and the plants are planted in stages. This is done in order to create a sense of naturalness. Plants can be any, there are no strict recommendations.Some examples of beautiful gardens in the UK by BW.

The garden in the Art Nouveau style is based on the naturalness of the landscape and is characterized by the lack of straight lines and right angles. The style is quite simple, the number of elements and the variety of plants is limited. Preference is given to irises, peonies, lilies, narcissus dr.

The Spanish garden is a closed area from other people's eyes. Usually around the perimeter are planted apple, plum or pear. In the center place a pond around which a rosary is located. Lawns in this area are absent. Flowers should be bright, and shrubs clearly cut.

The Italian style is a slightly inclined site with a paved veranda and a small pond surrounded by a rose garden. Style means a lot of shrubs and flowering plants, at the same time, it is appropriate for heat-loving plants in containers.

Garden in Art Nouveau style Garden in the Art Nouveau style uses the minimum number of design elements and is based on the naturalness of the landscape. The simplest in terms of care is the rural garden in the Russian style. It is characterized by a natural abundance of colors. Baths, gazebos, verandas give a cosiness to the site. Here there are fruit trees, a garden with medicinal herbs, mixed flower beds. Of the flowers most often you can find Turkish carnations, phlox and tobacco.

The main principle of the Chinese style is the harmony of architecture and landscape. Rounded forms of buildings, winding paths, bridges, diverse vegetation. Red, yellow and green are the preferred colors of this style.

The peculiarity of the Japanese style is the reconstruction of the image of the natural landscape. Required the presence of water bodies, the original located stones, decorative lamps. In this style, dwarf pines are especially popular.

Thus, out of all the variety of styles, each owner of a garden plot can choose something to his taste. However, almost all of the above design solutions will not be easy to implement without the help of a landscape designer.